Pronovea Banking Summit 2024: Credit Risk Management

16 - 17 Oct 2024
Vienna | Physical | Online | Hybrid
From navigating the impact of Basel standards to harnessing fintech innovations, we're delving deep into the strategies that will shape the future of credit risk management. Join us as we explore the driving forces behind our carefully curated topics, each chosen to address the pressing challenges and opportunities facing the banking industry today. Embark on a journey of discovery, innovation, and strategic insight. Don't miss your chance to be part of this dynamic conversation—reserve your seat now and unlock the key to sustainable banking risk management.

Topic Highlights

  • Risk Management and Modelling Decisions Need Immediate Attention Concerning the Impaired Assets IFRS9 Norms of Accounting.
  • Propelling Progress: Implementing the Basel IV European Commission Proposal for CRR3.
  • Navigating Change: Impact of Latest Basel Standards on Advanced Banks Post-financial Crisis.
  • Challenges in Credit Risk Analysis.
  • Fintech Innovations in Credit Risk Management.
  • Harmonizing ESG Integration: Forging Sustainable Futures.
  • How Will Compliance Be Impacted by the Use of AI in Making Credit Risk Decisions Both Online and Offline?
  • Basel III Norms Unveiled: Navigating Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, and Bank Profitability.
  • Synergizing Security: The Indispensability of Collaborative Risk Management.

Meet the experts

Pronovea has carefully gathered an expert speaker panel of leaders, directors, scholars, and innovators to outline the challenges and opportunities in the banking sector. Sign up to get insights from top credit risk pioneers, innovators, as well as industry experts, and take part in various case study exhibits, optimistic panel discussions, and interactive breakout sessions tailored to your specific needs.

Jan Jelovsek Photo
ING Logo
Jan Jelovsek


Head of integrated risk

Jurij Fedinec Photo
Bawag Logo
Jurij Fedinec


Head of Credit Risk Portfolio Quantification

Nal Mantravadi Photo
Revoult Logo
Nal Mantravadi


Head of Credit Risk

Fiorella Salvucci Photo
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Fiorella Salvucci

Intesa Sanpaolo

Executive Director - Head of Credit Risk Management Department

Alexandar petrov Photo
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Alexandar petrov


Head of Group Credit Risk Corporate and IRB models unit (Leader of Leaders role, 25+ FTE)

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