Event Highlights

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Topic Highlights

  • The Ascent and Decline of Credit Suisse: The Bank That Contributed to The Development of Modern Switzerland
  • Fraud Detection in Machine Learning & AI
  • Mitigating Credit Risk in A Changing Climate: Strategies for Managing ESG Risk in The Banking Sector
  • IFRS9 Takes Center Stage: Why Banks in Europe Will Keep Focusing on It In 2023?
  • Shifting Tides: How the Russia-Ukraine Conflict Is Changing the Landscape of Credit Risk Management in Europe?
  • What Impact Will Basel IV Have on Credit Risk Management Practices in Europe in 2023?
  • Shielding Banks from Non-Performing Loans: The Role of Risk Management
  • How To Improve Credit Risk Management During High-Inflation Periods?
  • Exploring The Intersection of Technology and Risk Management: Leveraging Innovation for Enhanced Effectiveness

In the world of finance, credit risk management plays a crucial role in maintaining financial stability and profitability. It is an ongoing process that requires continuous transformation and strategic excellence, as well as balancing opportunities and uncertainties while navigating the ever-changing global economy. In this process, prioritizing customers becomes possible only when you have seamless connectivity and innovative solutions to optimize the available data. In times of upward macroeconomic forces, investing in your credit risk management capabilities adds value and distinguishes your organization, particularly in the face of economic downturns. Integrating the latest technological advancements, such as AI and ML, along with real-time actionable data, into your risk management model enables strategic decision-making and enhances the overall experience for all stakeholders, from borrowers to lenders. Get ready for an exciting journey of knowledge and collaboration, where we push the boundaries of what's possible and shape the future of credit risk management together.

Network With

GMs, C-level, Senior Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads of departments and experts from any industry who is responsible for and involved in:
  • Credit Risk
  • Trading Credit Risk
  • Credit Risk Control
  • Credit Risk Models
  • Credit Risk Analytics
  • Credit Risk Systems
  • Credit Risk Review
  • Credit Risk Validation
  • Credit Risk Monitoring
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Counterparty Credit Risk Methodology
  • IRB/AIRB Modelling
  • Risk Appetite Framework and Model
  • IFRS9 Capital Management
  • Stress Testing
  • Regulatory Strategy
  • Model Risk
  • ESG Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Financial Risk
  • Liquidity Risk
  • ALM (asset/liability management)