Our Speakers

Jan Jelovsek


Head of integrated risk

ML-based Regulatory Models

  • Current market practices.
  • Challenges and benefits of the use of ML-based IRB models.
  • Possible use cases for ML in IRB Models incl. optimization of linear models with ML methods, development of challenger models, and fully fledged operational ML models.
  • Position of the regulators regarding the use of ML for IRB models incl. implications of the EU AI Act.
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Jurij Fedinec


Head of Credit Risk Portfolio Quantification

Estimation of Credit Conversion Factor (CCF) for Off-balance Sheet Exposures

  • How is CCF determined?
  • Regulatory requirements vs. Business needs.
  • Modelling of CCF under A-IRB approach.
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Nal Mantravadi


Head of Credit Risk

Credit Risk Scoring for Fintechs : An Australian context

  • Credit risk landscape in Australia.
  • Fintech specific challenges.
  • Current solutions and outlook for the future.
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Fiorella Salvucci

Intesa Sanpaolo

Executive Director - Head of Credit Risk Management Department

How compliance Will Be Impacted by the Use of AI in Making Credit Risk Decisions Both Online and Offline?

  • AI algorithms must be transparent and explainable to meet regulatory standards.
  • Compliance requires strict adherence to data privacy regulations.
  • Close monitoring by regulatory bodies necessitates compliance with guidelines.
  • Clear explanations for AI-driven decisions enhance compliance.
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Alexandar petrov


Head of Group Credit Risk Corporate and IRB models unit (Leader of Leaders role, 25+ FTE)

Implementation of Margin of Conservatism (MOC) framework to address regulatory requirements of EBA/GL/2017/161 for IRB credit risk models

  • Implementation of MoC framework to address regulatory requirements of EBA/GL/2017/161 for IRB credit risk models will be discussed with practical examples.
  • MoC concept according to EBA GL: Overview
  • MoC A MoC B MoC C
  • MoC special case: Ranking deficiencies
  • Qualitative MoC
  • MoC Aggregation
  • Cyclicality/Rating philosophy as a source of MoC/add-on
Alexandar petrov Photo Nordea Logo
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